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Laboratory Services

Oil & Lubricants Analysis:

Lubricants that are used on marine applications are very susceptible to water contamination.  Fluids from engines, transmissions, fuel & water tanks can tell many tails.  Oil can show existence of metals and other substances that relate to wear and damage.  Some testing can be done on site and most need to be tested in the lab.

Moisture Content:        (On site testing available)

Using electronic gauging equipment we can measure the moisture content of many types of vessel hulls as well as cargo to see if they differ from the norm. 

Silver nitrate:                    (On site testing available)

Tests for presents of chlorides.  This determines if cargo has been exposed to seawater during shipping. 

Galvanic Corrosion:

In the hostile marine environment corrosion degrades metals in propellers, underwater appendages and machinery.  Digital analysis and close inspection can reveal damage from corrosion and de-zincification.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing:

Metal and Aluminum Hulls often require testing to evaluate the thickness and consistency of the hull and structural materials.

Thermal Testing:        (On site testing available)

Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer testing can be used to ascertain electronic component load variations and engine “Hot Spots” and blockage.

Metallurgical and Component Analysis:

Metals and structural components that have failed, or are suspected to be flawed or fatigued, can be sent for testing.


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