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Sample Boarding Agreement

For a printable copy to Fax or email to us and request a quote click here

Client Name_________________________________________________

Address:  _______________________________________________________________

Phone:   _________________  Cell: _____________   E-mail: __________________________________

Name Vessel: __________________    Builder: _____________________    Model________________

Model Year: _______                          LOA:  _________                             Beam:  ___________

Vessel Location________________________________________________

Date of Survey:_________________    Time: ____________  (weather permitting)

Name Owner: ______________________________________                                  

Name Broker: ___________________  Phone:  ___________________     

The vessel is hauled:   yes/no           A sea trial is requested:   yes/no 



The survey is requested to establish the vessel’s general condition for :  (pre-purchase) (  financial)   (insurance) considerations. (please circle all pertinent)


The Client has been quoted $                          (@ $               per ft.) payment for the inspection and report, due and payable at the time of the survey.  Travel is additional and computed as cents per mile. This figure represents up to 3-5 hours of service on site..


If the sea trial, launching or hauling of the vessel will take place on another day than the scheduled survey date, an additional fee of $ 200.00 will be charged.


If as result of circumstances beyond the control of the surveyor, the survey requires more time, each additional hour shall be billed at $ 85.00 per hour.


If the survey is cancelled within 24 hours of the planned time and date, a Cancellation Fee of $ 150.00 may be charged.


All tanks should be filled prior to survey, or pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks.


The survey report will be sent to the Client by e-mail about 3 business days from the date of survey.  One hard copy will be sent by regular mail if so requested by the Client. 


John Yskamp Marine Surveyor and Consultant, ABYC Accredited, USCG Aux, Instructor, Vessel Examiner, New Jersey State Licensed Boating Instructor.

X  ____________________________________________


I, the Client, understand that the survey report does not constitute a guarantee of the subject vessel.  The report is a statement of the apparent condition, a list of recommendations, and an opinion of the Fair Market Value at the time of the survey only.  I have read and hereby agree and consent to the terms and conditions of this agreement, including the Terms and Conditions and Scope of Survey on Page 2 of this Agreement.


Client Name: ……………......................................   Signature: …………..................……………  Date: …/…/…


Terms and Conditions

Quarterdeck Marine Inc. surveyors is committed to providing the Client with a professional and survey, which meets or exceeds industry standards.

The services rendered and the report provided are provided with the distinct understanding that the marine surveyor is not responsible, nor liable under any circumstances whatsoever for any error, negligence or failure to properly perform the requested services.  All matters and statements contained in the report shall not be basis for any claim, demand or action against the marine surveyor.  If there is any dissatisfaction with the services provided, it is understood, that the total compensation to the Client will be limited to the return of the fee paid for the survey services.  The report and the information provided therein will be for the exclusive use of the Client and those lenders and underwriters considering financing or insuring the vessel for the Client only and is not transferable to any other person or entity.

The Client warrants that the Owner of the vessel, or his representing agent, has authorized the surveyor to board the vessel for the purpose of conducting a marine survey, including a sea trial if applicable.

The surveyor may verbally inform the Client about some of his findings at the time of the inspection.  These findings may need further reflection and research, and therefore the survey is not complete until the report has been prepared.  The Client is therefore advised not to enter into any purchase agreement until he/she has received and read the written report.

When signing a purchase agreement subject to the results of a survey, we advise to allow at least two weeks after the signing, to complete the survey and closing.

The Client is responsible for hauling and/or launching charges.  These charges are not included in the survey price.


Scope of Survey

Guidelines used for this survey  will be the Rules and Regulations for Recreational Boats, as excerpted from the United States Code (USC) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) published by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), as well as the Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft, also published by the ABYC, and NFPA 302: Standard for Pleasure and Commercial Motor Craft, published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

An assessment whether the vessel is in full compliance with all of the rules, regulations and standards will be beyond the scope of this survey.

Certain parts of the vessel’s structure, systems and equipment can only be inspected after removing bulkheads, joinery, liners, tanks, etc.  This would be prohibitively time consuming, potentially destructive and costly to restore and therefore components requiring access with tools or by disassembly will not be inspected.

Dirt, marine growth, coatings buildup or corrosion may also restrict the surveyor’s ability to examine the hull off the vessel.

Hull and deck moldings will be subjected to close visual inspection, random percussion sounding with a light phenolic mallet and moisture meter readings with an Electro physics Moisture Meter Model GRP33 unless prevented by weather conditions at the time of the survey/inspection.

Complete inspection of machinery, plumbing, electrical systems and equipment can only be made by disassembly or by continuous operation. T his will not be done.  No mechanical tests will be performed on propulsion or auxiliary generating equipment. No compression tests will be performed.  No fluid samples will be drawn unless previously agreed.  Only the installation and external condition of machinery and ancillary equipment will be inspected.

Tanks that may have leaks should be filled or topped off to check for leaks.

Propulsion and rudder shafts will not be drawn for inspection, and no engine/propeller shaft alignment will be checked.  The inspection of flexible piping will be limited to the condition of its external casing and only where readily accessible for visual inspection.

Electronic and electrical equipment will be tested by powering up and observing basic function. No measurements will be taken; no calibrations or adjustments will be made.  Batteries will not be load tested and use will be restricted to the operation of the equipment and starting of the engine(s) if applicable.  Only the external condition of electrical wiring, connections, and system installation will be inspected.  A complete analysis of the vessel’s electrical systems is beyond the scope of the survey.

Machinery and equipment may be inspected while operating only if the owner or the owner’s authorized representative (captain, broker, etc.) is present to operate the machinery.

If the vessel is afloat, it is recommended to haul the vessel so that the surveyor can examine all under water parts.  If the vessel is blocked ashore, no machinery will be operated.  If the vessel is in a state of winter lay-up, operation of winterized systems is precluded.

Sails, bimini tops, awnings, winter covers, etc, that are not rigged or laid out for inspection, will not be evaluated.

If the mast is stepped, it will be viewed from deck level only.

Determination of inherent design and stability characteristics is beyond the scope of this survey.

Minor issues, not materially affecting the value of the vessel may not be addressed.  Latent defects may exist that are not discoverable under normal inspection methods, and no warranty is offered with respect to latent defects.



Preparing a Vessel for a Survey


Time and additional expense can be saved by properly preparing the vessel for inspection.

Owners, sellers, or their authorized representatives (captain, broker, etc.) should make sure that the vessel is prepared for the survey with compartments unlocked, stores and excess equipment removed, and that maximum access to all areas of the vessel is provided.


The following checklist may be handy when making preparations:


o     The owner or his representative has given (written) permission for the survey

o     The broker’s listing has been made available to the surveyor

o     Owner’s manuals and service records are aboard

o     State Registration or Federal Documentation is aboard

o     Arrangements for hauling or launching have been made with the boat yard or marina

o     Arrangements have been made for a sea trial:

                - the vessel must be operated by the Owner or his authorized representative

                - the owner has the vessel adequately insured

                         - sufficient fuel is on board

                         - the engines are ready

o     Keys or combo of the locks and the ignition key are available

o     Winter covers have been removed

o     Batteries are charged and AC power is available* (See note below)

o   Water tanks are sufficiently filled to test water systems * (See note below)

o    Electronics are installed * (See note below)

o   Toilets are ready * (See note below)

o    Bilges are dry and clean and bilge pumps are operational 

o   The owner/broker has been requested not to hose down the vessel on the day of the survey as this  may preclude reliable moisture meter readings


* Although the items noted would facilitate a complete survey; all are not always possible.  We can work with that and report the condition as found.  This may be acceptable in situations where the survey is for insurance or financial purposes.      

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